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Case Study: Aria CARE Service & Support – Geneva, NY

Geneva, New York enjoys Pall Water's service offerings, including a tablet control center to locally or remotely operate their water treatment plant.

Case Study: Geneva, NY

Municipal Water Treatment – Drinking Water | North America: Geneva, New York, USA


A drinking water facility in the City of Geneva in upstate New York has been using a Pall 2-train custom Aria membrane system very successfully for all of its needs. An important part of that system is the leveraging of tablet technology to maximize plant efficiency and minimize downtime. Pall Water's Service Team helped the City of Geneva meet its water treatment and plant operation needs with proven membrane technology that leveraged remote monitoring. 


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Solution Overview

  • 100% Emergency Backup: Zero downtime with emergency backup
  • Fast Adjustments: Tablet technology enables the immediate ability to adjust processes and determine impact
  • Quick Analysis: 50% less time to isolate and identify plant issues
  • Instant Support: Real-time connection with Pall Water's technical support team, anytime

Download Case Study & Data Sheet:

Learn more about Pall Water's support and service options, or our municipal water treatment solutions. Download our FREE case study / data sheet today.
Learn more about Pall Water's support and service options, or our municipal water treatment solutions. Download our FREE case study / data sheet today.
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Water Treatment Services & Care:

"New Mobile Control Center for City of Geneva, NY"
"New Mobile Control Center for City of Geneva, NY"
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  • The Challenge

    From spring to early fall, the area experiences numerous electrical storms that pose a risk for plant downtime. Additionally, optimization opportunities and repair events can occur at any time. Our challenge was to enable a single operator to take advantage of optimization events or identify repair points real time, as they occur.

  • The Solution

    The solution is a redundant, mobile control center based on tablet technology allowing operators to control their system either locally or remotely.

  • The Results

    Now the team can quickly intervene in emergency situations and effectively troubleshoot to identify possible repairs. Another unique function of the system is a video feature that allows real time interaction and collaboration between Pall’s experienced technical support team and the Geneva operations team.

  • Service & Maintenance: Aria CARE

    Pall Water's dedicated Aria CARE service team found a solution to meet the City of Geneva's treatment and operational needs. Learn more about our comprehensive service, care, and maintenance offerings today!

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