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Case Study: Aria FLEX Custom Systems – Barka

Pall Water quickly delivered a membrane-based pretreatment system capable of handling algae blooms and red tide waters for a desalination plant in Oman.

Case Study: Barka, Oman

Municipal Water Treatment – Drinking Water | EMEA: Oman


The Sultanate of Oman, like other gulf countries in the Middle East, depends on desalination technologies as a major source of potable water. In 2015, a leading developer and operator based in Oman, awarded an EPC to build a complete desalination plant with a capacity of 56,500 m3/ day (12.5 MGD). This plant, called MSF Reject Desalination at Barka 1 Expansion Phase 2, is where Oman needed to provide potable water in less than a year so it could add capacity to the Muscat city’s water network, serving more than 2 million residents.


Although Osmoflo, the EPC, had more than 50% of the sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant available, the biggest challenge was building a pretreatment solution in less than seven months (210 days). This pretreatment system needed to operate on difficult feed water conditions. Specifically, the system needed to filter high temperature sea water and handle seasonal algal blooms and red tide infestations, which are common in the region’s coastal waters. Pall Water's Aria FLEX custom water treatment system was chosen to solve the pretreatment challenge. 


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Solution Overview

  • Undisrupted Production: The Aria FLEX system can operate at full capacity during alagal bloom season for continued water production 
  • Custom Engineering: Designed to meet challenging water characteristics
  • Quick Deployment of a Large-Scale Project: Project contracted and installed within 5 months; the system was then producing water a month and a half later
  • Large Capacity: Aria FLEX racks that have a peak capacity of more than 5,600 m3/hr (140,000 m3/day, close to 30 MGD)
  • Local Support Available: Pall Water had technicians local to the area, allowing for additional support

Download Case Study:

Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
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Custom Water Solutions:

"Challenging Algal Bloom and Red Tide Waters Treated with Sea Water Membrane Pretreatment"
"Challenging Algal Bloom and Red Tide Waters Treated with Sea Water Membrane Pretreatment"
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  • The Challenge

    A SWRO plant in Oman needed a pretreatment system that could not only filter high temperature sea water, but also handle seasonal algae blooms and red tide infestations. This solution needed to be delivered and operating in less than seven months.

  • The Solution

    Ultimately, Pall Water was selected to deliver the custom designed Aria FLEX membrane system. Pall Water’s solution was able to successfully treat difficult feed water conditions without extensive (or any) pretreatment, and its design of the complete pre-treatment with process knowledge was the big driver for this selection.

  • The Results

    The Pall team customized the engineering process for the Aria FLEX units to ensure that they were able to successfully produce high-quality filtrate water to be fed to the downstream SWRO, despite treating very challenging feed water. The system’s advanced pressurized filtration membranes were well-suited to handle seasonal algal bloom and red tide infestations. Due to the custom engineering of the Aria FLEX racks, and its advanced control philosophy, the plant is capable of running at full capacity during the algal bloom season.

  • Service & Maintenance: Aria CARE

    Additionally, Pall was chosen as it offered the best lifecycle costs to the end user along with a local presence in Oman. Proximity to Pall technicians was important as many similar filtration providers do not have a strong physical support presence in the region. Learn more about our comprehensive service, care, and maintenance offerings today!

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    Pall Water's Aria FLEX custom water treatment systems are adaptable for your mid- to large-scale water treatment needs. Learn more about our flexible, custom solutions today!

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Pall Water's Aria FLEX custom water treatment system was designed to handle challenging feed waters and seasonal variations

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