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Case Study: Aria FLEX Custom Systems – Wilmington

Pall Water retrofit a Delaware water treatment plant with our custom system. Robust membrane technology met Drinking Water standards despite high turbidity.

Case Study: Wilmington, DE

Municipal Water Treatment – Drinking Water | North America: Wilmington, Delaware, USA


Originally constructed in 1917, then renovated in 1933, the Brandywine Water Treatment Plant in Wilmington, Delaware required a retrofit to meet stringent drinking water standards. Furthermore, the facility needed a robust system to handle significant turbidity spikes caused by heavy rainfall. Pall Water’s Aria FLEX custom water treatment plant was selected because it was the only unit capable of achieving a recovery rate of >98% during piloting. The plant upgraded from existing conventional treatment to a new advanced system within the existing footprint.


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Solution Overview

  • Challenging Waters: Treating source water during high turbidity events
  • Drinking Water Compliance: Meets drinking water standards of <0.02 NTU
  • Flexible Design: Retrofitting into the existing historic building
  • Increased Capacity: Can produce up to 14 MGD in peak months 
  • High Recovery: Achieved >98% recovery rate during piloting

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Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
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Custom Water Solutions:

"Retrofit Membrane System Treats High Turbidity Water"
"Retrofit Membrane System Treats High Turbidity Water"
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  • The Challenge

    The Brandywine Water Treatment Plant needed a retrofit within the existing plat footprint that could meet strict new drinking water standards and handle high turbidity events.

  • The Solution

    Following a six-month pilot study, the City of Wilmington chose to upgrade its water treatment plant with a custom-built Aria FLEX filtration system that retrofits into the allotted footprint.

  • The Results

    The completed deployment of Pall's Aria FLEX system allowed Brandywine Water Treatment Plant to instantaneously reach a peak capacity of 14 MGD. Overall, the project resulted in the facility's ability to increase its average capacity to 7 MGD, with peak instantaneous capacity of 14 MGD.

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Custom water treatment retrofit within an existing footprint meets drinking water regulations, adds additional capacity, and handles high turbidity events

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