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Case Study: Aria FLEX Custom Systems – TMVW Belgium

Belgian water supplier commissioned Pall's integrated membrane system with advanced pressurized filtration to meet various water quality requirements.

Case Study: Induss II / TMVW Belgium

Industrial Water Treatment | EMEA: Port of Ghent, Belgium


In 2008, Belgian municipal water supplier Tussengemeentelijke Maatschappij der Vlaanderen voor Watervoorziening (TMVW) saw an emerging market for the valorization of surface water, and thus an opportunity to expand into the industrial water supply industry.

TMVW decided to create Induss II, a fully integrated water production site in the port of Ghent, to serve surrounding industrial customers with water. Ultimately, TMVW in cooperation with Antwerpse Water Werken decided to create Induss, a separate company for industrial water, to take over and operate new and existing plants in the industry in Belgium.


In order to successfully infiltrate this new market, the plant operators needed to identify and implement a water treatment system capable of meeting the wide variety of water quality demands and requirements for process, cooling, boiler and HP boiler water. In addition, the solution needed to comply with local regulations regarding the amount of water the plant could extract from the local river, which serves as the main water source. This water also posed a unique challenge because the river quality has high seasonal variability and salinity.


Due to footprint restrictions and discharge limits, as well as the fact that there was no sewerage or waste water treatment plant available, conventional treatment methods could not be considered. Pall Water’s Aria FLEX custom water treatment system was chosen to fulfill the facility’s water quality needs, allowing it to meet water requirements for the variety of industrial water that it delivers.


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Solution Overview

  • High-Quality Water Treatment: Ability to produce numerous water qualities for a variety of industrial needs
  • Flexible Design: System was custom-designed to meet the facility’s footprint requirements
  • Remote Operation: The plant has the capability to be fully operated from a remote location, reducing the need for on-site monitoring
  • Ability to Scale for Future Demand: The full, turnkey filtration system was built to accommodate future expansion and the ability to scale operations
  • Robust Membranes and Proven Technology 

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Learn more about this industrial water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
Learn more about this industrial water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
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Custom Water Solutions:

"Producing Process, Cooling, Boiler and HP Boiler Water with Membrane Filtration"
"Producing Process, Cooling, Boiler and HP Boiler Water with Membrane Filtration"
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  • The Challenge

    The Induss II plant in the port of Ghent has been in operation for more than eight years and has successfully delivered on its promise to be seamlessly and remotely operated.

  • The Solution

    Ultimately, the Induss II plant selected Pall Water due to its compact, robust, and proven membrane solution, along with the company's support and expertise as Induss entered the industrial water market. Facility operators invested in Pall's Aria FLEX integrated membrane system, using the advanced pressurized membrane filtration to successfully meet the four different water quality requirements.

  • The Results

    Following the implementation of the Aria FLEX system, the Induss II plant was able to meet feedwater demands and comply with necessary regulations and permit limitations. This was critical for the plant as Induss II's water demand fluctuates due to flow levels and regulations, and the water source soars during the summer months. The flexible system was able to meet all water treatment demands for process water, cooling water, boiling water, and boiler feed water. The membrane solution has proven critical for capacity, particularly given the system's ability to scale to meet peak demand.

  • Service & Maintenance: Aria CARE

    Beyond the added water capacity, the operator-friendly nature of the system was a huge benefit. Between the plant's remote location in an industrial area, and the number of other plants operated by Induss, the ability to operate the plant remotely was necessary as maintenance monitors are only on-site two days a week. With the Aria FLEX platform's fully integrated operating system, facility operators can manage, monitor, and adjust water levels remotely with ease. The installation is monitored and operated remotely from Induss’ central control room, with minimum on-site intervention. Learn more about our comprehensive service, care, and maintenance offerings today!

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  • Custom Water: Aria FLEX

    Pall Water's Aria FLEX custom water treatment systems are adaptable for your mid- to large-scale water treatment needs. Learn more about our flexible, custom solutions today!

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