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Case Study: Aria FLEX Custom Systems – Cottage Grove

Row River Water Treatment Plant in Cottage Grove, OR used Pall's custom membrane system with remote monitoring to add much-needed Drinking Water capacity.

Case Study: Cottage Grove, OR

Municipal Water Treatment – Drinking Water | North America: Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA


In 1996, city officials in Cottage Grove, Oregon were tasked with renovating the Row River Water Treatment Plant. City officials needed a treatment method capable of meeting drinking water standards that could also handle Cottage Grove’s unique capacity requirements, where water use frequently triples during the summer months. Additionally, facility operators needed to find a treatment method that they could trust; 24/7 monitoring of the water supply and treatment were paramount. 


Pall Water’s custom Aria FLEX system was able to fulfill the water quality needs of the facility, allowing it to meet drinking water requirements while meeting increased water capacity needs. 


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Solution Overview

  • Custom System: Designed to meet the city's increased capacity needs 
  • High-Quality Water Treatment: Provides a safe source of drinking water, removing giardia, cryptosporidium, and other bacteria
  • Flexible: Ability to readjust levels and monitor sensors with ease
  • System Monitoring: 24/7 remote monitoring system means that operators are no longer required to remain on-site or on-call 
  • Cost-Effective: Annual financial savings due to CIP efficiency

Download Case Study:

Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
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Custom Water Solutions:

"Meeting Drinking Water Standards in Revamped Water Treatment Plant with Membranes"
"Meeting Drinking Water Standards in Revamped Water Treatment Plant with Membranes"
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  • The Challenge

    Cottage Grove’s Row River Treatment Plant needed an upgrade to meet growing capacity requirements and drinking water standards. Operators wanted a trusted, proven treatment method with automated monitoring.

  • The Solution

    Facility operators invested in the Aria FLEX membrane system utilizing advanced pressurized filtration membranes to successfully meet drinking water standards. This system was selected in large part due to its ability to fit a wide range of capacities, meeting the new treatment and flow rate demands.

  • The Results

    Following the implementation of Aria FLEX, Row River Water Treatment Plant’s new gravity feed intake system was able to meet feed demand as it transitioned from its previous capacity of 2 million gallons per day (MGD) to its current capacity at 4 MGD. Ultimately it will produce 8 MGD at full build-out. The flexibility of Pall Water’s system allows Row River Water Treatment Plant to operate at increased capacity during peak demand.

  • Service & Maintenance: Aria CARE

    Beyond the added water capacity, the operator-friendly nature of the system was a colossal benefit. The previous method required an operator on-site at all times to monitor the water levels. With the Aria FLEX, facility operators can now manage, monitor, and adjust water levels with ease as needed. In the last eight years of operation, the Aria FLEX has not experienced any fiber breakage. Learn more about our comprehensive service, care, and maintenance offerings today!

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Pall Water's Aria FLEX custom water treatment system provides high-quality drinking water and added capacity for a municipality in Oregon

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