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Case Study: Aria FLEX Custom Systems – Castle Rock, CO

Case Study: Castle Rock, CO

Municipal Water Treatment – Drinking Water | North America: Castle Rock, Colorado, USA


Castle Rock Water provides drinking water to more than 63,000 residents in the Town of Castle Rock, Colorado. The water supplier sought to transition from its reliance on non-renewable water sources, to a higher percentage of a renewable water supplies. As part of Castle Rock Water’s program to develop a sustainable long-term water supply, the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility needed new renewable source water that required a new water treatment system to meet regulatory requirements.


The durability of Pall Water’s Aria FLEX custom water treatment system and its membranes have allowed Castle Rock Water to treat and deliver safe, renewable water to the town’s residents and businesses. Given the reliability of Pall’s membranes and the overall filtration system, Aria FLEX provides an absolute barrier from bacteria and typical surface water contaminants allowing it to meet the Safe Drinking Water Act and other safety requirements.


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Solution Overview

  • High-Quality Drinking Water: Protection against microbial contamination; removes organic and colloidal contaminants
  • Service & Support: Reliable customer service and technical support
  • User-Friendly: Ease of use with automated software and controls
  • Scalable Capacity: Aria FLEX and other components have a current treatment capacity of up to 6 MGD, which is expandable to 12 MGD
  • Reliable System: Despite turbidity spikes, the system is able to operate at capacity and deliver high quality water that meets drinking water standards

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Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
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Custom Water Solutions:

"Membrane Water Filtration System Brings Renewable Water Supply and Reliability"
"Membrane Water Filtration System Brings Renewable Water Supply and Reliability"
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  • The Challenge

    Castle Rock Water’s Plum Creek Water Purification Facility required a new water treatment system that could meet regulatory drinking water standards and help the supplier move to more renewable water sources. Beyond purification, another major objective of the new facility’s design was to maximize system efficiency by minimizing membrane fouling from precipitated metals.

  • The Solution

    Pall Water’s Aria FLEX system performed exceptionally well during piloting. The Pall Water system met qualitative requirements established by Castle Rock Water’s design engineers. The system also provided Castle Rock Water with the best long-term project value. Robust system membranes allow the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility to treat water from virtually any source, which was crucial to Castle Rock Water’s success, as this is the only plant in its network capable of treating surface water.

  • The Results

    The reliability of Pall Water’s membranes and quality of the membrane system has given operators the confidence to sleep easy. The sophisticated system automatically shuts down in instances of high turbidity to prevent contaminating the entire water supply, while simultaneously alerting the operators and self-diagnosing any issues with membranes or fibers. Additionally, Pall Water’s Aria FLEX water treatment system enables Castle Rock Water to transition from nonrenewable water sources to a renewable supply.

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