Aria FLEX – Custom MF/UF Systems

Flexible, customizable solutions



Aria FLEX is modular intelligence at its best. Designed for mid to large-scale municipalities or large industrial water users, the Aria FLEX system gives you the ability to customize your water system. The Aria FLEX offers a complete, custom solution utilizing high performance microfiltration or ultrafiltration modules. With a flexible design, this membrane-based system can meet a wide range of capacities and flow rates. 


  • Customizable for multiple low-pressure membrane options
  • Flexible scope, ranging from full system to basic skids
  • Ideal for plant expansions or upgrades
  • Available for capacities ranging from 4 MGD to over 200 MGD (1 MLD to 50+ MLD)


Aria FLEX systems are ideal for numerous applications, including:

  • Municipal water
  • Indirect or direct potable reuse/wastewater treatment
  • Sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) pretreatment
  • Major industrial water users




Meeting Drinking Water Standards in Revamped Water Treatment Plant with Membranes

In 1996, city of cials in Cottage Grove, OR, were tasked with renovating and developing added water production capacity at its Row River Water Treatment Plant. City of cials were not only tasked with nding a treatment method capable of meeting drinking water standards, but one that was also able to handle Cottage Grove’s unique capacity requirements where water use frequently triples during the summer months. Additionally, facility operators needed to nd a treatment method that they could trust as 24/7 monitoring of the water supply and treatment were paramount. 

Exceeding Phosphorus Limits Required for Environmental Wastewater Reuse

In 2002, Georgia’s City of Flowery Branch faced strict new requirements about discharging water back into the nearby Lake Lanier, which is a drinking water source for the community, compelling the City to nd an alternative wastewater system. At the time, the wastewater plant was using conventional sand lters that were unable to achieve the reduction of phosphorus to meet the new limit of 0.13 mg /L. Not only were the sand lters working improperly, but they were creating barriers to the plant’s ability to reach a higher level of treatment and recovery for discharging into the environment. If unable to meet the new phosphorus limit, the city would have been banned from discharging any additional water into Lake Lanier, resulting in an immediate negative impact on the city. 

Retrofit Membrane System Treats High Turbidity Water

Originally constructed in 1917 and then renovated in 1933, the Brandywine Water Treatment Plant in Wilmington, Delaware required a retrofit into the mixed media lter basins in order to meet stringent drinking water standards. Furthermore, the facility needed a robust system as it previously experienced signi cant turbidity occurrences due to heavy rainfall. The raw water from the Brandywine Creek is coagulated with PAX-XL 19, aluminum chlorohydrate and settled in a sedimentation basin after pretreatment before reaching the membranes for ltration. 

Treating difficult feed water conditions

The Sultanate of Oman, like other gulf countries in the Middle East, depends on desalination technologies as a major source of supply of potable water to the distribution network. In 2015, a leading developer and operator that is based in Oman and operating Barka 1, awarded Osmo o, an EPC, to build a complete desalination plant with a capacity of 56,500 m3/ day (12.5 MIGD). This plant, called MSF Reject Desalination at Barka 1 Expansion Phase 2, is where Oman was to provide potable water in less than a year so it could add capacity to the Muscat city’s water network that serves more than 2 million residents.

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