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Case Study: Aria FAST Mobile Water – UK

When Drinking Water supplies were in danger of cryptosporidium contamination, Pall Water quickly delivered mobile water treatment to a city in the UK.

Case Study: UK Municipal Water

Municipal Water Treatment – Drinking Water | EMEA: United Kingdom


In February 2016, a city in the southern region of the United Kingdom identified the presence of cryptosporidium due to unusually heavy rains and increased levels of contamination. This was a major concern as the site supplies drinking water to over 20,000 people. To ensure the quality and safety of the drinking water, a solution was needed to eliminate cryptosporidium at the source immediately. The end user chose to deploy Pall Water’s Aria FAST mobile water treatment unit because of its proven immediate response time and the modular treatment unit’s capability to remove cryptosporidium.


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Solution Overview

  • Rapid Response: Met emergency timeline
  • Cost-Effective: Containerized treatment system with less capital cost
  • High-Quality Drinking Water: Protection from cryptosporidium outbreaks
  • Proven Solution: Retaining consumer confidence in water treatment
  • Smart Monitoring: The fully-automated system has on-line monitoring and integrity testing 

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Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
Learn more about this municipal water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
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Mobile Water Solutions:

"Mobile Membrane Filtration Units Protect City from Cryptosporidium Outbreak"
"Mobile Membrane Filtration Units Protect City from Cryptosporidium Outbreak"
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  • The Challenge

    A city in the United Kingdom needed to quickly treat its drinking water and remove cryptosporidium. Time was critical, so Pall Water worked closely with the end user to rapidly deploy an Aria™ FAST containerized mobile water treatment system within 30 days to protect the region’s water supplies.

  • The Solution

    On-line monitoring and integrity testing added to the confidence of the membrane system performance. The fully automated, self-contained membrane solution was capable of treating a maximum of 300 m³/hr of contaminated water instantaneously. This is now the third Aria FAST system that the end user operates.

  • The Results

    The Pall Water team was able to customize the Aria FAST system, allowing it to operate at up to 180 m³/hr (1 MGD). The deployment also included continuous monitoring of water quality resulting in the elimination of cryptosporidium at the bore hole source. These results removed the threat of contamination into the local reservoirs and drinking water sources within 30 days of detecting the issue.

  • Mobile Water: Aria FAST

    Pall Water's Aria FAST mobile treatment units quickly deliver high-quality water for short- or long-term needs. Learn more about our mobile water technology today!

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Fast deployment of a mobile water unit helped a city in the UK remove cryptosporidium and produce safe, high-quality drinking water

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