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Case Study: Aria FAST Mobile Water – Bralorne Mine, Canada

Case Study: Bralorne Gold Mine, Canada

Industrial Water Treatment – Mining | North America: British Columbia, Canada


The Bralorne Gold Mine, required construction to get the mine back on-line after its purchase by Avino Silver & Gold Mines in 2014. Temporary water storage for mine drainage would not be available during construction and required a higher-capacity water treatment for the anticipated high volume flows for freshet. The mine required a faster, more affordable and reliable treatment solution than its existing media filtration. Pall Water’s Aria FAST mobile water treatment was selected because it could handle construction challenges, remove contaminants, and protect local waters.


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Solution Overview

  • Fast Solution: Ordered, delivered, and commissioned within 60 days
  • Protects Local Waters: Meets environmental discharge compliance standards
  • Flexible: Standalone mobile unit for rent or purchase 
  • Trusted Support: Pall provided installation support, monthly remote monitoring, and quarterly service visits    

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Learn more about this industrial water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
Learn more about this industrial water treatment solution, download our FREE case study today to read the complete project story.
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Mobile Water Solutions:

"Bringing An Old Mine Back Into Production"
"Bringing An Old Mine Back Into Production"
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  • The Challenge

    In 2014, a high water event and tailings storage freeboard concerns meant the Bralorne Gold Mine needed to be shut down. Instability in the dam foundation was discovered during construction and temporary water treatment capable of handling challenging waters was required.

  • The Solution

    The mine’s initial media filtration system became very costly in replacing media and had a low flow capacity. To determine a more robust solution, Avino brought on engineering firm Tetra Tech, who suggested Pall Water’s Aria FAST mobile membrane treatment system to replace its underperforming media filter and to bring the mine one step closer to becoming operational and efficient.

  • The Results

    The quick response and deployment of Pall’s fully integrated Aria FAST unit allowed the gold mine to rapidly treat excess water in order to meet stringent environmental discharge requirements and prepare the mine for production.

  • Mobile Water: Aria FAST

    Pall Water's Aria FAST mobile treatment units quickly deliver high-quality water for short- or long-term needs. Learn more about our mobile water technology today!

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Fast delivery and commissioning of mobile water treatment helped a Canadian mine solve water treatment challenges during construction

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