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Filter Bags & Housings

Pall Filter Bags are the ideal solution for your water treatment needs. Our bags can withstand high solid loading while reducing waste volume / bag changes.

Pall Water Filter Bags & Housings

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Our Filter Bags set the bar for quality. Capable of withstanding higher solid loading while reducing waste volume and bag changes, our filter bags have a long performance life when compared to similar products. Our bag filters are trusted to provide reliable filtration in a number of municipal and industrial applications around the globe.


Scroll down for NSF certification details, case studies, and popular products. You can also contact our team for more information. 




  • Felt Filter Bags
  • Polymicro® Filter Bags
  • Seamless-Absolute Filter bags
  • Mesh Filter Bags
  • Bag Filter Housings
  • And More...



  • Drinking Water
  • Wastewater
  • Desalination
  • Drainage Water / Leachate
  • Utility Water
  • And More... 

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Proven & Certified

A number of our trusted pretreatment solutions are NSF / ANSI 61 certified for compliance in Drinking Water applications.

To learn more about our list of certifications, please contact us for more information. You can also read about our regulatory compliance by downloading our official certification details below, or by visiting NSF online. 

Explore Our Popular Filter Bags

Browse our most popular filter bags below or contact us for fast and easy ordering.

Pall FSI Seamless-Absolute Rated Bag Filters

Precise Particle Retention Bag Filters

  • Seamless construction offers unequaled benefit of eliminating fluid bypass
  • Absolute rated (98%) from 3μm – 100μm
  • Microfiber grated pore design provides lower initial drop
  • Can be incinerated for easy disposal

Pall FSI Polymicro® Bag Filters

High Filtration Efficiency Bag Filters

  • Proprietary polypropylene, triple lay construction for clearer results
  • Outer cover prevents fiber migration to reduce waste
  • High void volume means longer service life, higher contaminate loading, and reduced waste loads
  • PolyLoc® ring creates a hermetic seal within a vessel housing prevent liquid bypass

Pall FSI Felt Bag Filters

High Solids Holding Capacity Bag Filters

  • Used in vessel or open filtration systems
  • Available as conventional sewn bags or welded bags
  • Multiple materials of construction to meet the quality of intake water
  • Heavy Duty & Extended life bags offer the high solids holding capacity to provide long service life

Pall FSI Mesh Bag Filters

High Tensile Strength Bag Filters

  • Constructed using woven or knitted fabric
  • Available in monofilament and multifilament mesh for broad chemical compatibility
  • Silicone-free to prevent cratering for a better surface finish
  • Wide range of micron ratings with plastic or metal rings for versatility

Case Study: Pall Water Filter Bags at the University of San Diego, CA


"Preventing Sediment Buildup and Malfunctioning HVAC Systems On Campus with Filters"


Pall Water bag filters help the University of San Diego with HVAC functionality. Our solutions reduce maintenance needs, enable proactive capacity assessment, and save on energy costs.