Port Washington, New York – April 10, 2017 – Pall Water, a division of Pall Corporation and the filtration partner of choice for companies who need smart water solutions, today announced its new alignment within the family of operating companies owned by Danaher Corporation, a global science and technology innovator. Pall Water, while remaining a division of Pall Corporation, will now operate in affiliation with the operating companies of Danaher’s robust Water Quality Platform, which includes premium water brands such as Hach, Trojan Technologies and ChemTreat.


Pall Water solves complex water treatment challenges with its best-in-class solutions and services. Municipal and industrial customers use Pall Water’s broad portfolio of water systems and modules to ensure the continual supply of safe and reliable water. More on Pall Water’s portfolio can be found at www.pallwater.com.


Key pillars of Pall Water’s strategy include:



  • Mobile Water Treatment Portfolio: Pall Water removes the complexity from the water treatment process with its flexible packaging and pre-engineered systems for both temporary and permanent deployments. Last year, it unveiled a new portfolio of mobile water solutions which can be rapidly deployed to ensure the continuity of safe, reliable water production for communities and industries around the world. In particular, AriaTM and Impro ™ FAST modular membrane units provide reliable water quality under highly variable conditions. Capable of producing water within four hours of arrival on site, the units are perfectly suited for emergency situations in both municipal and industrial water applications.  



  • High Efficiency Cartridge Filtration: Pall Water has expanded its offering of depth and pleated cartridge filtration for superior contaminant removal. The robust portfolio contains filters with both nominal and absolute ratings in an array of sizes designed for both industrial and municipal applications. In addition, Pall Water offers a portfolio of vertical and horizontal housings designed to optimize performance and minimize downtime.



  • Driving the Adoption of Alternative Waters: Pall Water is spearheading global efforts to make alternative, or “reused water,” safe to use and drink around the world – a vital action in the face of climate fluctuations and droughts. Pall Water utilizes advanced wastewater treatment techniques, such as direct potable reuse (DPR), to help municipal water authorities guarantee adequate water supplies when freshwater resources are scarce.


“Pall Water has a rich heritage of delivering filtration products and services that keep customers ahead of fluctuating market, regulatory and environmental conditions that can create very challenging water treatment scenarios,” said Thom Voll, General Manager at Pall Water.  “In this next phase of our corporate evolution, we are renewing our commitment to being our customers’ partners and champions as they select and use the treatment approach that will meet the diverse needs of their plants and municipalities. Only together with our customers will we move closer to recognizing our vision of a world where access to quality water is widespread.” 


About Pall Water
Pall Water, a division of Pall Corporation and a member of the Danaher portfolio of water companies, is the filtration partner of choice for companies who need smart water solutions. With more than 2 billion gallons of installed capacity spanning six continents, Pall Water is a leader in membrane-based water treatment solutions.  Pall Water’s broad portfolio of intelligent, reliable water systems and modules are used by leading industrial and municipal customers to ensure the continual supply of safe and reliable water. For more information, please visit www.pallwater.com    

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