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Providing Solutions for Seawater Desalination Across the Globe

Seawater Desalination Solutions

Providing a Range of Proven Seawater Desalination Solutions Across the Globe


Seawater requires pretreatment to remove various contaminants such as organics, algae, and fine particles that may cause a reverse osmisis (RO) system to foul prematurely. Premature fouling in an RO system can substantially increase operating costs and system downtime.


We strive to provide our customers with the most effective solutions to treat seawater. Contact us for more information, read our case study, or view our list of products below to find the best solution for your Desalination needs.

Featured Products for Desalination Solutions

Explore Our Range of Membrane and Filtration Solutions for Seawater Desalination

Mobile Water Solutions – Aria™ FAST

Water on demand - when and where you need it

Whether you require emergency water treatment for a few days, or added capacity for a few years, our Aria FAST units provide a complete, automated membrane system. Aria FAST requires minimal labor and can be operational within hours of arrival on-site.

Packaged Water Solutions – Aria™ FIT

Fits your schedule, your footprint, and your budget

These easy-to-operate, pre-engineered systems incorporate proven, microfiltration / ultrafiltration technology in a plug-and-play design. Our packaged systems can be installed quickly into new or pre-existing plants. 

Custom Water Solutions – Aria™ FLEX

Flexible, customizable systems adapted to any water treatment need

Our modular microfiltration and ultrafiltration systems are customized for a wide range of capacities and scope needs, thus meeting even the largest and most complex water treatment challenges.  

Mobile & Packaged Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis – IMPRO™

Intelligent, maximum performance reverse osmosis

IMPRO systems deliver CCRO technology in mobile-ready containers or pacakged, skid-mounted systems. The IMPRO is designed to fit your groundwater treatment and water polishing needs. 

Pretreatment Solutions – Filters & Housings

Smart water solutions to protect what matters

Shop our wide range of consumable filters and housings to protect your membranes, your systems, and your investments.